Fuel Line Repair at UW


University of Washington


Boat Street Marina (1401 NE Boat Street, Seattle, WA)


Locate fuel line end points and pathways after two fuel lines were severed during the demolition of a dock.


Using Ground-Penetrating Radar, SRI identified the fuel lines and located a safe area in the adjacent parking lot for excavating a trench to feed a new structure.


SRI’s technicians were thorough and cautious, marking out all utility lines in order to avoid any conflicts between the new trench and the existing fuel storage tanks, effectively ensuring the final excavation was a success by preventing any further safety threats and costly repairs.  

  • Marking the fuel line.

  • Demolition of dock exposed fuel lines.

  • Exposed fuel lines.

  • RD used to locate power.

  • Clearly labeled fuel line.

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