Seattle Light Rail


L.K. Comstock | WSDOT


Link Light Rail (Seattle, WA)


Locate embedded steel and conduits in a Seattle Light Rail tunnel for retrofitting a three-foot steel plate to hold an extended arm providing energy to the transit buses and trains.


With state-of-the art ground-penetrating radar, safety equipment and lifts, SRI technicians scanned the length of several support columns to determine safe locations to penetrate the concrete and add necessary reinforcements.


Structural Radar Imaging successfully located rebar and conduit inside eight columns, and identified safe locations in walls and floors for more than 100 anchors and more than 30 cores. As a result, rail crews were able to anchor critical steel I-beams to the concrete, for improved safety and performance.

  • light_rail2
  • Scanning critical column for anchors.

  • Safely fastened steel I-beams in clear areas.

  • Light rail tunnel.

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