Hood Canal Bridge


Elcon Corporation | Kiewit


Hood Canal Bridge (Kitsap County, WA)


Locate clear areas for more than 1,200 anchors for electrical conduit rack and clear locations for more than 850 cores for a new leak detection system.


Equipped with the latest Ground-Penetrating Radar technology, SRI technicians braved inclement weather to scan inside and underneath each of the bridge’s pontoons to identify rebar mats and other reinforcement spanning the entire bridge.


Using documentation provided by SRI, the customers efficiently verified the safe areas to avoid all critical items and successfully installed both the conduit rack and the leak detection system. The customer then also relied on SRI to assist with repairing and replacing several columns on a transported section of the bridge.

  • Hood Canal Bridge
  • Clearly labeled rebar and open core locations.

  • Joshua going to work.

  • Rebar grid and critical item in red.

  • Before rebar grid pattern in blue and post-tension cables in orange.

  • Rebar grid pattern and area open in wall for core.

  • After finished column over marks.

  • Placement of 1200+ anchors that span the entire length of bridge.

  • Before drilling post-tensioned cables are laid out in yellow and rebar in white.

  • After safely drilling into concrete pontoon deck.

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