About Structural Radar Imaging

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SRI offers an industry-leading satisfaction guarantee, backed by a 99% accuracy rate

SRI is Now A GPRS Company

When you decide to hire a utility locating and concrete scanning company, why not consider the best? Unlike companies that offer multiple services, at Structural Radar Imaging we focus on a single task. This is our sole focus. We specialize in utility locating and concrete scanning, and our experience and expertise is second to none. Consider that we built our own training center where every SRI technician is required to complete an extensive training program before they can perform field services on your job site. Our staff includes a fulltime training and safety director to make sure all our technicians are skilled in operating our equipment with high levels of competence and confidence, while always being conscientious about performing our duties safely. SRI focuses on concrete scanning and utility locating, primarily using ground penetrating radar. Since our beginning, we have built a nationwide network of offices, with staff permanently based in Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii. Since our founding, we have worked on some of the largest and most significant construction projects in the country. We stay busy: On average, each of our technicians perform 300 jobs per year. Remember: We are the best at what we do because it is all we do. When you are faced with the need to know what lies below the surface, contact the nation’s best utility and concrete scanning company. Your project’s success could depend on it.