Sheri Braunstein — Vice President & CMO

As Structural Radar Imaging’s Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Sheri Braunstein is dedicated to spearheading new initiatives and special projects, as well as overseeing the company’s compliance with safety rules and regulations.

Sheri has been an invaluable advocate for SRI since its inception, having encouraged husband Joshua Braunstein to pursue his goals for founding the company, and she tenaciously seeks opportunities for expanding the company’s expertise and industry leadership. 

Since officially joining SRI in 2013, Sheri’s efforts to implement standard operational procedures and safety policies have vastly improved customer and employee satisfaction. She relishes worksite opportunities to assist and learn through hands-on experience, and strives to apply her understanding of the day-to-day tasks toward the company’s long range plans. 

Overseeing both internal and external relations, Sheri’s values translate effortlessly to cultivate professional, respectful and efficient teamwork as she works to further Structural Radar Imaging’s reputation for quality work that exceeds the expectations of every customer.