GPR Services

Structural Radar Imaging specializes in using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate embedded post-tension cables, plastic conduit, rebar and utilities in concrete and soil.

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  • Structural Radar Imaging's customers rely on us to provide reliable, non-destructive locating prior to drilling, cutting and coring. Our GPR technicians excel at identifying subsurface items, such as voids, rebar, conduit and post-tension cables.
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    Case Study: Whole Foods Market

    From Tenant Improvements to New Construction, we provide concrete scanning services for a range of purposes:

    • Identifying rebar, post-tension cables, conduits and utilites
    • Estimating slab thickness
    • Detecting voids
    • Providing structural inspections
  • Structural Radar Imaging uses state-of-the-art equipment to locate underground utilities. We clearly label embedded items to help our customers avoid costly safety issues and work stoppages.
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    Case Study: UW Fuel Lines

    Whether for locating items for mapping, trenching, excavating, preservation or repair, SRI can help you to locate:

    • Gas and water lines
    • Steel piping
    • Rebar mats
    • Storage tanks
  • Structural Radar Imaging has unique experience in using ground-penetrating radar to uncover buried artifacts. In April 2007, SRI sent a team to Israel to explore secret tunnels, yielding an historic discovery.
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    Case Study: King Herod's Tomb

    By detecting deviations in soil conditions, ancient features can be mapped and analyzed. Structural Radar Imaging uses ground-penetrating radar to help:

    • Locate unmarked graves
    • Discover buried foundations
    • Track ancient roads
    • Recover relics
  • Structural Radar Imaging's experience in the public works sector is unparalleled. Our technicians are repeatedly called upon to work with engineers to help ensure and promote structural integrity.
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    Case Study: Seattle Light Rail

    From parking garages and roads to dams and bridges, SRI is uniquely aligned to:

    • Identify deterioration in concrete and pipes
    • Locate leaks
    • Analyze sinkhole areas
    • Evaluate roads
    • Map structural patterns in walls and decks