Esplanade Residential Properties


McKinstry Company


The Esplanade (1515 Dock St, Tacoma, WA)


Relocate more than 100 buck-outs and 100 cores in close proximity to columns, which typically present added difficulties due to their surrounding reinforcement.


Using Ground-Penetrating Radar and scanning out from the column lines, SRI identified all post-tension cables, conduits, j-boxes and other critical items for the customer to avoid.


The customer successfully relocated all of their buck-outs and core locations within SRI’s clearly marked “OK” boxes, enabling the project to continue moving forward safely and efficiently.

  • Case Study Design Example
  • Located rebar, stud rails, and PT cables in concrete.

  • Safely laid out 4" and 2" cores.

  • Two 4" cores cutting through rebar avoiding the post-tension cable in red.

  • Plastic conduits labeled in orange.

  • Located plastic conduits and J-boxes in orange.

  • Underside of floor J-boxes slightly revealed in the concrete.

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